Sunlight #poem #poetry

Rays of hope ☀️

Sunlight crawls into my room like
Aphonic soul,
That lights up the whole.
It’s an unexpected guest,
With ray of hope and full of zest.
When it kisses on the face,
Fills me up with the positive grace.
As the purest light,
It shines so bright.


Smile #poem #poetry #coffee #love


Started my day with her smile,
I was on my bed meanwhile.
With morning hugs and kisses,
The taste of her lips was delicious.
With the warm soft kiss,
I didn’t asked for it but this bring me rest and bliss.
All the day I was alone,
Sitting on my table with my pen papers and headphone.
A song came up with nice lyrics,
And this piece was written on the papers with heart & feelings.
Came home with the same smile on her face,
And asked me for a cup of coffee which was all different from her workplace.

Make me strong #poetry #strength

Make me strong whenever I’m weak,
So that my problems gets resolved and I don’t freak.
I get too confused to take the right decisions,
Everything goes wrong with my aggression and assumptions.
Rejection makes me nervous and anxious with full of anger,
Which only brings destruction and put me in danger.
I am a born fighter,
True believer with great desire.

“The one who will survive the rejection
Will definitely get the success with positive attitude and dedication”

EROTICISM #lust #poetry

Why sex is so dominant,
One can’t control it without being confident.
He is aroused by her bulging flesh,
Which flush away all the distress.
She is magnetised by his masculinity and attitude,
Forgets the pain and celebrate beatitude.
There is chemical in head responsible for the copulation,
That’s why every year there is growth in population.
Anything which is far beyond the control is fatal & terrible,
Can’t be done with generous and it’s unbearable.
Lust is cause of all,
Let us together put it to an end and break this veiled wall.

Rape #shame #poetry

❌Stop this rape culture!

The term is modest but it’s fatal,
The one who does is collosal.
A boy or a girl may be (victim)innocent,
But it’s not just one gender who is miscreant.
Rape transpire in artlessly & openly,
In transport,shops,hospitals, schools and in homes so silently.
Rape frequently happens abruptly &  brutally,
In teenage,relationships and marriages without consensually.
Even infants and kids are also not safe ,
Can be truly tricked with no mistake.
Our society is not so rational & benevolent,
They abstain the (victim) sufferer with heart and true sentiment.
Rape lead in deaths of many innocent,
With absurdity and full of resenment.
It’s not the outfits as they state,
Being raped is not a fate.
If we begin to estimate them in number it’s incalculable,
We must abet(raise) our voice coz each & every life is valuable.


Love #poem #poetry

Love is special ♥️

Love! a four letter word,
Which gives the sense of living in this vicious world.
Love is pure,simple and snowy,
With integral of grief, fuss and sorry.
Love is bold and blind,
One doesn’t know what’s passing around.
Love is unexpected in anyway,
Everyone knows it’s a miracle play.
Love is respect,
Which you can’t buy at any cost.
Love is mute,
It shape couples too cute.
Love is friendship caught on fire,
It’s the hidden beautiness I admire.
Love is sovereign,
Can only be replete by emotion.